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The Genius Kids Club is a subsidiary & franchise of Genius Kids®, the Accelerated after School Academics Curriculum for Grades K-6. Over the years, due to our accelerated early education foundation, there was an excessive demand to continue the accelerated learning academics for our prodigies once they entered formal school. Our experience has found that most of the advanced learners underachieve in a regular classroom setting, losing motivation and the inspiration to excel and achieve high goals.

At Genius Kids we believe that every child has the ability to excel and develop a “gifted” mind if stimulated and placed in the right learning environment.

Our staff are trained to recognize and nurture the skills of high ability learners. With our award winning in house curriculum focused on advanced academics combined with small class sizes & personalized attention, our students continue to place in GATE (Gifted and Talented Education Programs), John Hopkins and Stanford University, as well as awards & scholarships at competitions & high schools.

It is easy to recognize a Genius Kid amongst many because of their articulation, confidence, public speaking skills, extensive knowledge, and most importantly relaxed demeanour and sportsmanship under pressure.


About Us


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