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What do we know about the brain?

  1. No two children are alike. No two children learn in identical ways.
  2. Children should be taught to think for themselves.
  3. The brain is a curious organ which can retain both isolated information as well as material that is chunked in categories. The brain learns better when it makes sense of the information it has understood.
  4. Literacy changes the brain, and by reading and writing regularly, the brain functions can be altered to think better.
  5. Intelligence is fluid and not fixed, therefore we need to provide students with rich experiences.
  6. Learning not only depends on the structure of the brain but influences brain development.
  7. Until two decades ago, giftedness was dominated by the single idea of IQ measurement. Today we look for multiple kinds of giftedness as reflected by high performance capability across all cultural and economic groups, when we screen and identify gifted students.
  8. Gifted students exhibit potential and desire to learn complex material and feel connected to others who share similar interests.
  9. To help gifted children, both teacher(s) and parents must team up to ensure success both intellectually and socially.

Reference: Building Gifted Programs


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