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We believe every child has the ability to be gifted and exceed their abilities if given the right opportunity. One of the definitions of a gifted student is "Highly able students are those who have been talent spotted as having outstanding abilities in the area of general intellectual capabilities, specific academic aptitudes, or the creative, visual, or performing arts."

Many parents tend to focus only on math skills thinking that one subject is enough to help a bright child. At The Genius Kids Club® we believe in the whole child.  Our curriculum focuses on essential skills for students to develop, and it facilitates students’ college and career readiness. These skills are grouped in six strands:

  • Research Skills
  • Critical & Creative Thinking Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Social & Emotional Skills
  • Technology Skills

For each level, these skills are embedded into group and individualized learning experiences personalized for the age and ability of each student. These skills provide the foundation upon which all the activities and experiences are built, allowing gifted students to be intellectually challenged in unique, meaningful ways.


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